30 years deep with Chicago Hip Hop legends: PCP All Stars

Brief Description Of PCP All Stars:

The PCP All Stars also known as Highruallahz/PCP Massive originally started as a Graff Squad(Please Call Police) over 30 years ago eventually transformed into a movement.. The Flash EP was the first official release back in 1998 on their own independent label, Hedrub Records. It was followed up by The Go Figure Ep in 2000 ( ) and Solid Nugget EP in 2003. In between 2003 and now each individual member has continued to release new music independently of the group until last year June 28 2019 when they reformed and released, South Loops on Supa Sounds LLC. The PCP All Stars consist of Race Bannon, Original Super Legend, James Earl Bonez, Big Malcolm Little, Smooth Johnny Apollo, Starkat, Sean Strickland and C-Jillz.

Oh Shit forreal?

So, its very rare that you find a gem in Chicago like the PCP Allstars. I was unaware of how much content they have put out with such quality, rugged, and captivating gutter hip hop sound, if that makes sense. Back In October,I was part a show organized by another Chicago Hip Hop artist, ILL LEGIT, and The PCP All Stars just so happened to be on the bill. I caught their set just as I was about to leave and the production just hit me. I definitely had that stank face like DAMN! This shit goes hard as hell, WHO THE FUCK IS THIS?! And of course I introduced myself on some drunk shit,did my research on facebook, and added every member. I followed up with them recently and felt like they deserve some relevant shine especially since that whole wave of boom bap is slapping the timeline of our lives again with this Griselda movement. Bars upon bars, artists like this in our hometown should not be slept on!

Where can I find their music?

You can find their most recent album entitled "SOUTH LOOPS" on their Bandcamp Page!

PCP ALL STARS/ SUPA SOUNDS are also available on all music streaming sites!

(Trust me I checked!)

Highruallahz/PCP Massive (2000) - "Go Figure"

The PCP AllStars - Shrimp 🍤 Nuts 🥜

Buck Awesome - The Blues Runs The Game





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