7ODDZ: Operation DOOMTEK [Album Review]

Seven Oddities Records Presents:

DreamTek & Dooms Day

Released March 2020


How has the reaction to DOOMTEK been?

DoomsDay: It has been very solid with all things considered. The current state of the world has made it almost impossible to shoot videos or do live shows. We have been blessed with a solid response still.

DreamTek: I'm happy with how things are going. We've gotten some good numbers and quality feedback on this joint. As Dooms said considering the circumstances I think it's doing as good as it can. Were happy though. How long did DOOMTEK take to make from start to finish, recording-wise?

DoomsDay: Whole project was recorded in a weekend. It was a challenge to ourselves.  I feel like it made the album gel together really well.

DreamTek: The beats were done and picked. The writing happened between Friday and the middle of Saturday. We worked on this for exactly a day and a half. Mother fuckers slept there. Like nah foreal, we slept in that bitch.

What kind of 'sound', production wise, did you have in the back of your mind, prior to entering the studio?

DreamTek: I don't think it's a secret I gravitate towards the harder beats. I make a lot of different shit. But my shit? The shit I love? It's the angry hard beats. That's my shit. Me and Dooms are world class shit talkers and violence advocates. This album reflects that. Anybody expecting anything less is fuckin' bugging.

DoomsDay: That 7 Oddz sound! Seriously, Dream and I been playing with this idea for a while. At some point he let me know all the beats were ready. Got mad confidence in him, with good reason too. Bangers all over this album in my opinion.  What kind of input did you guys have during the process?

DreamTek: Ours. We just fucking ran with it. 

DoomsDay: Just each others for the most part. I would compare it to any training montage from an 80s movie. Except replace the working out with some crazy smoking sessions and some sipping whiskey.  

DreamTek: Hell yea. The Single Malt was a fucking fixture. And are you pleased with the final outcome? (sound - production wise)

DoomsDay - I'm so pleased with the project that I had to rework my solo ep, Neck Breaker, in order to catch up to the quality. Overall, I feel every track is a banger. That Christmas joint produced by Drew Dollars is the only outside production. Dream had a plan for the sound and I trust my brother. With good reason too. 

DreamTek: Man hell yea! Dooms and I have ALWAYS clicked. We just get it. He's been on the label for years so it was just a matter of time before we did something with just us. I'm more than happy with it. It's something we're both proud of. Doing this shit in under 2 days is no cake walk.  Any experimental miking and/or recording techniques?

DoomsDay: Not sure about the recording side, but the whole idea of writing and recording the whole album on the spot was definitely new to me.

DreamTek: I think the whole damn session was an experiment. A successful experiment. I was also sick at the time. You'll notice the buttery ass voice on "Sippin' Bourbon" (fun fact) me being sick and y voice being fucked up is why the whiskey was a thing. But Dooms will never let a brother drink alone!  Which are your favourite songs and lyrical highlights?

DoomsDay - Thig's Beard for the title and tight knit cause Boodah and Clever were the only features on the album and they went in. I'm proud of everything on this album. The back and forth on Desperados is definitely worth mentioning.

DreamTek: I love them all man. But I'd say the title track "DoomTek" because of the wild sample AND the fact that we were lucky enough to get our man DJ Daredevil (RIP) on the cuts before he passed. Very talented brother! That tracks sits in a special place for me. My favorite track to bump is going to be "Sippin' Bourbon". The beat is simple KILLER. Back story on this joint is we started writing it at the end of the first day when we were like 4 joints in and were fucking dead tired. The beat was slower, it was a challenge in our state to say the least. But I think it's by far my favorite verse I wrote.

Any overall theme of mood that you're trying to capture while writing songs?

DreamTek: Murder. Death. Kill. I hate rappers.

DoomsDay: There's a couple of concept tracks, but the mood was the same it always is for the label. "Raw hip hop, and nothing less". There's also a Fallout Shelter rule. We try and kill each other on every track.

When did you guys decide when you wanted to drop the album?

DoomsDay: It was talked about for a couple of years, and then Dream told me the beats were ready and we recorded it like 2 weeks after that. We've actually been sitting on this album for a minute. Feels good to finally put it out.

DreamTek: As he said we sat on it for a while. There is always a lot of albums dropping on the label so you have to get in where you fit in release wise. So we sat for a little bit and dropped when we had an opening.

Will this be released on vinyl? Tapes? Cds? or any hipster stuff?

DreamTek: I doubt it but you never know. it's a short project so we're pretty happy having it be a limited run of CD's and remain streaming. If the demand was there though, sure we would run it. So no hipster shit. However...When people have ordered the CD I've been sending 2 copies and telling them to throw one at somebodies fucking face. Preferably a hipster. So there is that.

DoomsDay: Depends  on the demand I guess. We definitely have the means to provide all of those options. Are there any 'crazy' stories from these sessions that you can share?

DoomsDay: I think the whole session is a crazy story in and of itself. We wrote AND recorded this album in two days.

DreamTek: We both ended up passing out on these recliners we have in the studio. Mad tired. Super weeded out. We woke up at like 6am or some shit to one of our boys, to protect the guilty lets just call him "Ron"....Ron walked in the studio loud as fuck holding a payphone. A whole ass payphone yo. Like the change collector and everything. But this wasn't any ordinary payphone, no. This payphone was also a fucking lamp. He was mad drunk and said he wanted to give it to us. He left it.We went back to sleep. I think it's still in the fucking studio somewhere. We woke up and immediately started writing again. Things like this are normal there. 

From track 1-8. Who are the producers?

DreamTek: I made every one of those beats with the exception of number 5 "The Night Before". This lovely family friendly holiday song is was produced by our brother Drew Dollars out of fuckin' Philly. So we robbed people to it. Because fuck Christmas. 

DoomsDay: Word.


1. DoomTek Dooms Day - "think im not a threat cuz im a neutron, you wrong pull up 8 deep in a Yukon and you gone" DreamTek - "Spit venom in enemies let it get up all in um when Im done infectin family and friends wont remember them" 2. What Dooms Day - "Get in tune put in work everywhere we head to, closin out the venues puttin rappers on that menu" DreamTek - "8 swole at a swole, out of state ape mode, swinging on a phony mothafucker if he aint dope!" 3. Flatliners Dooms Day - "No commotion cuz the listeners is overdosin, if I hit you like a train, trust I had a LOCO-motive" DreamTek- "100 proof, out the bottle in the booth, merk you as a group, dress you up at funerals in suits" 4. Sippin Bourbon Dooms Day - "Only time im taking L's is train riding through my city" DreamTek - "Im out my mind, draw the line, and then you cross it get hurt, this be for ever kill you, then ill plant a bomb in your hearse" 5. The Night Before DreamTek - "My finger stay triggered like a mothafuckin feminist" Doomsday - "My chick split with my infant, I found that (Ho Ho Ho) now its time to make a quick trip" 6.Tight Knit Dooms Day - "DoomTek aint a joke, aim for throats, sheep of the world dont understand us cuz we being goat" DreamTek - "Yall in danger aint no fuckin with this odds shit, your life is over the second you hear the glock click" Clever One - "Mistake us for the crowd the way we clap at you, in any state nobody sits so they can activate the avenues" 7. Desperados Dooms Day - "Ride around in dump truck for all the trash that I see" DreamTek - "This shit bumps harder than Psoriasis when it flares, we nice cold as ice, you got the right to be scared" 8. Thigs Beard DreamTek - "pill poppin pussies who pretend to be ill, all them xanies and the maddies cant remember whats real" Dooms Day - "engrave it in your memory, solidify the legacy, eliminate all enemies, always add to my recipe"

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