NOVATORE Releases Madchild x Tom MacDonald Diss Track

Nobody fucks with Chicago Hardcore Hip-Hop Artist Novatore

Since Canadian rappers Madchild and Tom MacDonald spit in the face of Hip Hop by using their platform to come sideways in the culture with their stupid ass release "White Trash", South Side Chicago Hip Hop artist NOVATORE smacked these MFs up with a DISS TRACK CALLED "Trash Compactor". Now, nobody knows NOVATORE better than me (MOECYRUS) and when you cross the line with his beliefs,'re fucked.

[Track Artwork And Link Below]

This is the 1st single from NOVATORES upcoming album "Embrace the Darkness"

These are the lyrics:

“I been sober bout a year and know I’m proud to be this shit aint easy so its frustrates undoubtedly When people claim that they are sober but their found to be A lying junkie crying for attention you were bound to be exposed for the fraud you are like a dude In AA getting drunk at the fucking bar .ok, you say your clean but you’re a fiend again showing off your lady on the gram and she’s a teen again (yea) It didn’t last you and her she prolly left you cuz she knew that you were immature And that’s just sad, cuz your old enough to be her dad I’m bout to son you, willing out until my child mad We rocked the same beat you wasn’t in my league I knocked my shit up out the park I hope you catch it in the fucking street But that’s expected no fronting You can’t hit a home run son when you’re bunting stop the joking, get the coffins and the hearses Ima focus on the purpose of these sad child verses You and Ronald MacDonald made a fucking wack record talking racist in a subculture made in fact by working class blacks I’m pissed off at the fact Tom is eating off the backs of the same people that he slaps in the face when he says he “never owned a slave”or how he never “put no neck in a noose” as If racism died back when slavery ended when present day you say some shit to defend it Talking about illegal aliens Xenophobic sympathy your shits so is offensive Spent too many years fighting white supremacy To see a white rapper talking shit while he pretends to be oppressed As if he was the minority Show up to their shows and you would see that the majority are white holy shit you can’t afford to be blind in a time when blacks are killed by the authority I think its time to say goodnight to the right wing bigots who have got such a hard life cuz the internet dont like em .What a raw deal I’m do this shit just to spite em Tom Macdonald Madchild you been identified As two corny dudes helping rap get gentrified Hip hop has been the voice of the oppressed but dont equate oppression to the fact that you are so depressed Throw this trash in the landfill. Or 6 feet beneath cuz I'm dropping an anvil That can kill On this short little Goblin and stringy hair sidekick, I got this, No problem Madchild get the tats up off your face get a job , leave rap, quit the statutory rape you stay so high it got me feeling like you’ll never land Im spazzing on this beat no hook - like I’m Peter Pan Im a visionary, looking at ur pics is scary Madchilds face can be found in a dictionary mine can be found next to “murder” cuz this track And his can be found under R next to “Relapse” Your music sucks so much dick you need knee pads this beat slaps could have killed you with 3 jabs "And though I’m dope as barrels full of coke and heroine I’m happy being clean and flying straighter than an arrow is" your voice sounding like the rap game skeletor Soft as my balls why you looking like a felon for? There’s 2 men down ima put the pen down Aint a afraid of nothin mother fucker cuz I been down got a problem write back or come see me Obnoxious when boxing fuck pricks up like VD”

[Cover photo by Kay Photography]

"Embrace the Darkness" will be dropping digitally May 1st with vinyl and digipak CD's releasing shortly after. This is NOVATORE's darkest album yet and will feature Termanology, Celph Titled, AM Early Morning, MOECYRUS, and ILL ZakieL. Produced by C-Lance with cuts by D-rec of Stealth Bomb Records. Tracklist and singles coming soon.

You can follow NOVATORE basically on every social media site @novatore666 Twitter/FB/IG

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Written By: MOECYRUS

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