WHO DAT IS?: The Ewokk "Try Harder" EP Q&A

Insight on THE EWOKK

Chicago, youre fuckin up if you dont who THE EWOKK is!!!

From being a Rap God, LAX King, and Semi-Pro Wrestler, this man earned his stripes!

I met him in 2012 back in the days at hardcore shows and on and off performing with local Chicago Beatdown band, DROWNING. Hes been doing damage since day one, and THAT!!! I consider him! My bro!!!! The Ewokk dropped 6 albums so far. Most of his earlier albums and content can be found on Soundcloud and new shit on Spotify. Follow up with the legend on all social media platforms!

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“Try Harder” EP Q&A

How has the reaction to Try Harder been? Very well .even though I kinda just sprung it on everyone last minute, people are jamming the fuck out of it and passing it along. How long did Try Harder take to make from start to finish, recording-wise? 2 weeks of recording something, then going back to record it again , taking things out , and adding things to make the product everyone is bumping. What kind of 'sound', production wise, did you have in the back of your mind, prior to entering the studio? This was my first crack at engineering my own music. the only sound I had in the back of my mind is the sound that doesn't sound like shit . i also wanted this project to sound clean , but yet still keep it true to my original grimy sound of production of music I released in years passed . What kind of input did you have during the process? 100000% And are you pleased with the final outcome? (sound - production wise) Hell yeah I surprised the fuck out of myself and others ! not bad for my first crack at engineering. I have YouTube instructional videos to thank for that shit, aint even gonna lie . Any experimental miking and/or recording techniques? Nothing really I just bought a shure sm7b , which made my vocals sound like a epic ass journey like star wars or some shit . Which are your favourite songs and lyrical highlights? They all are my favorite songs but I would have to say Oof , WOKKZILLA , and never moved 2 Atlanta honestly the most meaningful of the ep .there are many lyrical highlights on this shit but my favorite by far is on "PHONE CALL" " I'm such a creep for you , silk pajamas got the TLC bitches swim a creek for you , bust a pipe spring a leak for you " wrote that on a edible watching TLC videos lol Any overall theme of mood that you're trying to capture while writing songs? No theme really I wanted this to come from my thoughts, my soul , my heart ,my passionate ass side , and just a full on representation of the ewokk doing some rapping ass rapping When did you decide when you wanted to drop the album? The day all this Corona virus shit cracked . honestly I was done with making music and my main focus was professional wrestling. this whole lockdown stripped pro wrestling away from me , I can't train nor have matches. so I decided to buy recording shit and use my creative energy to write a new record, and I fell back in love with this making music and hip hop shit . I will keep making music till I die . sometimes you gotta step away from something to find love in it again. Will this be released on vinyl? Tapes? Cds? or any hipster stuff? No this ep is strictly digital, but my next release will most definitely be dropped on one of those platforms. Are there any 'crazy' stories from these sessions that you can share? I don't think drinking mezcal , popping edibles , and watching nicktoons from the 90s counts as a crazy story From track 1-6. Who are the producers Every track except for two was produced by rapsody3000 . "Wokkzilla" is a beat I made myself so that's a huge achievement to rap over something I made ! "never moved to Atlanta " is just a loop of the beginning of sicko mode so I'm not gonna take credit for that

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