WHO IS                ?

MOECYRUS utilizes a consistent tight compositional flow structure, rapping over dusty boom bap beats made by MOE himself and some of Chicago’s premier old school producers. 


MOECYRUS and his music have taken him on the road with Novatore’s mini U.S. tour (2017), multiple openings with (2018) including Chris Webby, Immortal Technique, and Necro, he’s performed at various festivals as well including Taco Fest(2019), Music in the Woods fest(2019), and Tough Love 7 and 8 in California(2016,2017). 


Besides a passion for rapping and hip hop, MOECYRUS actively plays drums in a hardcore band. This genre and style acts as a foundation for MOE’s instrumental producing and sense of rhythmic percussion. Playing in these bands has also expanded MOE’s breathed of touring knowledge and what it takes to be a traveling and performing musician.


Artist Credits: Vagabond Maurice, Orlando Coolridge, Jezi, and Sage The 64th Wonder of SlumpGang777, Baskaveli, Chris Crack, Daniel Son (Canada), Illuminati Congo,Michael Christmas, Cruz Ocho, and Novatore.


Production Credits: Brandun Deshay formerly of Odd Future, Cuzzin Vinny, Lil Kydd, Chief Takinawa, Chris Ruben, Awdazcate, Yung Bangas, Nizuk, Harmonicsapien, Brotha Gif, Mister Castle, Billy The Kid, Distorted Skwer, Dreamtek, and MOECYRUS himself.


Engineer Credits: Brotha Gif and Jeff Arenson


MOECYRUS is also active on the event production side of the music industry. Within this last calendar year of 2019, MOECYRUS curated a series of 5 hip hop focused showcases called Shark Tank 1-5 and ended with a special edition showcase titled Shark Tank Bronze. 


MOECYRUS has 5 full length LPs out right now.

"I Already Coined That" (2020)

“Life Exposed” (2019)

“You Gotta Be FKN Kidding Me”(2019)

“(Untitled)” (2017)

“Iceberg” (2017).